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Statistics show that over 65% of household have at least one pet, with a large majority of those pets being dogs.  Today, our dogs have become well loved family members.

When buying a home with a dog there are some considerations that will help you and your pet coexist, provide space for exercise and play, be safe and more… for your beloved dog for many years to come.

Keep these tips in mind when buying a house that is perfect for you as well as your dog.

Know The Rules Regarding Dogs For Your Community

Before pulling the trigger and buying a home, make sure you know the rules of the community.  Most towns have some basic rules like keeping your dogs on a leash, not allowing them to be a nuisance, registering them every year, etc….

Many towns, like Tewksbury MA have easy access to their towns bylaws and regulations regarding dogs.  Fairly basic and mostly common sense.

But more of a concern is buying a home in a community that has a Home Owners Association or HOA.  Many  Tewksbury MA Condominiums and a few neighborhoods have an HOA.  Living in a community with an HOA means living with their rules and regulations.

Many HOA’s dictate the size, breed and quantity of dogs or pets you can have.  Quite often you will see a weight limit of 20-35 pounds.

Before pulling a trigger on a home double check the rules and regulations regarding pets.  The worst thing that can happen is to spend all that money to find out your dog is not welcome.

Consider The Yard

A yard can be a great benefit for your dog.  It gives you space for your dog to exercise, bond with you through play and do their business.

First ensure the yard is big enough for your dog.  Big active, dogs may need a much larger yard than a small dog.  Exercise is important to the health and well being of your dog.

One great aspect of having a yard is you may have the possibility of fencing it.  A fence keeps your dog in and unwanted animals out.  Containing your dog with a fence will also allow home or her to go out for short periods of time without constant supervision.

If it is already fenced great!  But if the home lacks a fence and it is a must that you have one, check town laws and HOA rules on fences.  Make sure you can put up the fence you need.

Inspect the yard for plants that might be poisonous for your pet.  Many common plants, like rhododendrons and hydrangeas, are poison and can harm your dog.

Dog Conducive Floor Plan

You need to ensure there is space for both you and your dog to co-habitate with each other.  You don’t want to get frustrated all the time if your dog is always underfoot.

Smaller and older dogs may have trouble navigating stairs, maybe a three story townhouse isn’t the best choice.

Make sure the rooms you will spend time in have plenty of space for a dog bed and toys out of the way of main traffic patterns, so you aren’t always tripping over them.

Finally, make sure there is space for your dog to be alone.  Many dogs sometimes need to spend time away from the family to destress.

Features of The Home

Topping the list of features in the home is flooring!  Long term you are best served by having hardwood and ceramic flooring.  They are easy to keep clean and are durable.

Carpeting is not a great choice with pets.  Between dirty paws, dander, fur and the occasional accident, carpets can get pretty smelly and raged looking shortly.   If you want a soft surface considering using throw rugs that can be cleaned or replaced easily.

Also consider if there is an area where your dog can come in when they are dirty without messing up the house.  A mudroom with a dog shower would be awesome!

Pet Friendly Neighborhood

Long gone are the days where dogs could roam freely throughout the neighborhood.  But, make sure your homes location allows for walking your dog without fear of being hit by a car.

A quiet neighborhood with little traffic would be great.  But if you live in a condensed area, with busy streets and no yards, look for a neighborhood with sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, hopefully there will be a public park nearby that allows dogs.  Or, better yet, a dog park where your dog can socialize and play off leash.

Nearby Pet Services

You want to land in a community that offers the services you need for your pet nearby.  No need to run all over the place of your town has most of the services you need for your dog,

Topping the list of course is an animal hospital like Best Pets Veterinary Hospital in Tewksbury.  If you canine buddy needs some immediate medical attention a nearby veterinary hospital is important.

But beyond that consider nearby doggy day care, pet supply stores, dog parks and more…


Find the perfect home for both you and your dog.  Just keep some of these important factors in mind.  It will make your life a little easier and make your dog happy as well.

A big theme to the article is double check and verify.

Don’t always assume your dog is welcome when it comes to HOA’s.  Or, assume you can put up a fence, some neighborhood communities don’t allow them.  If you don’t have a yard or buy in a neighborhood that is easy to walk your dog, make sure any nearby parks welcome your dog.

And, lastly know the towns laws and policies as far as registering and owning a pet.

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This article, 6 Tips For Buying A Home That Is Perfect For Your Dog As Well As Yourself, has been provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group One in Tewksbury MA.  Kevin has over 18 years helping home buyers and sellers.  He is an active blogger on buying and selling real estate as well as mortgages and home improvement.  For great real estate info check out his blog.