As winter draws to a close, it’s almost time to soak up some dazzling rays of sunshine as you head toward warmer climates for spring break. While you may be dreaming of palm trees, sandy beaches, and scorching sun, you also can’t bear to be parted from your four-legged friend. Plan a pet-friendly spring break the entire family can enjoy, following these three tips.

#1: Choose a destination based on your pet’s characteristics
Although you may love the idea of lounging in the sizzling sun all day, your thick-coated malamute or squish-faced English bulldog may not appreciate suffocating in the heat, while your water-loving Labrador will likely enjoy a day frolicking in the surf. Before reserving your accommodations, think of your pet’s needs. She may be better off hiking through cool, shaded mountains, or zipping through the wine country in a convertible, so choose a location based on your pet’s breed characteristics.

#2: Outfit your vehicle for your pet
Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, your pet will need to hitch a ride in your vehicle to get to your ultimate transportation mode. Ensure she arrives safely at the airport, train station, or your final destination by outfitting your car with a doggy seat-belt and harness combo that will keep your pet securely strapped in, or by purchasing a crate or carrier designed for travel. Don’t forget to stock up on food, treats, bedding, and toys to keep your pet entertained, and to pack her leash, collar, ID tags, and vaccination records.

#3: Brush up on your pet’s manners
If your large pup is not skilled at quietly leash-walking, or she jumps to greet people or lunges to play with other dogs, take the time to teach her polite manners before she travels. Nothing will ruin your relaxing getaway faster than chasing your fleeing pooch down the beach, or struggling to control her when visiting friends, or strolling through a national forest.

Before heading out on your spring break adventure, ensure your pooch is current on her necessary vaccinations, and that you have a stash of heartworm, flea, and tick preventives. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.