Our pets are very much an extension of our human family and we tend to treat them as such – quite literally! From simple treats like extra biscuits to buying them personalized collars and bedding, there is an abundance of ways in which we like to spoil our beloved pets.

If you weren’t already aware, August 10th has been dubbed ‘Spoil Your Dog’ Day, so if you need another excuse to spoil your pampered pooch, this is it! Short on ideas as to exactly what you can do to make the day super-special for your furbaby? We have put together some of the best ideas we have found for spoiling our canine companions.

Delicious food!

Good food is not only the way to a man’s heart, it is also the way to your dog’s! There are now many different treat foods available for our pet’s ranging from snacks and meals to things like home-baked goodies designed specifically for dogs. You can also swap up your furball’s usual meals for a specially prepared meal one evening. Just be mindful that there are some human foods that are toxic to animals, even in the smallest measures.

Pamper session!

A visit to the groomer is a lovely way to spoil your furbaby. Most professional groomers offer a variety of packages or you can book a series of different treatments suited to your pet. Typical grooming services include bathing, nail clipping, brushing, ear cleaning and coat trimming where necessary. However, some doggy parlors offer additional services including nail painting and other more cosmetic treatments.

New collar!

Although an increasing number of dogs are now microchipped, collars remain a popular way to attach your personal information to your pet. They also make a great fashion accessory, with hundreds of designs available. Prices can range from just a dollar or two for a basic colored collar, to thousands for those adorned with gems and even Swarovski crystals.

Upgrade his bed!

If your canine companion sleeps in a bed, why not consider getting him an upgrade? There are dozens of different designs available from the regular to custom-designed kennels and quirky, unusual beds. Add personalization for a little extra spoiling!

Give her a massage!

Your dog will enjoy a massage just as much as you would. However, before you get stuck in you will need to learn exactly how your pet should be massaged and which areas should be avoided. Why not find out if there are any doggy massage classes in your area that you can attend together?

Schedule a doggy play date!

If your canine pal loves the company of others, but rarely gets the opportunity to hang out with other dogs, then think about scheduling in a doggy play date. Pick someone with a pet that your furbaby is already familiar and comfortable with and let them run wild in your backyard while you catch up with the other owner over a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Take the day off!

We can guarantee that your dog loves nothing more than spending time with you. Unfortunately, most owners have to leave their pet to go to work and participate in other activities. One of the best ways that you can spoil your pooch is to take the day off and dedicate it to spending some quality 1-1 time with him. You can schedule in some of his favorite games and activities, take in a long walk and then just chill out and watch tv or a movie together in the evening. Spending this sort of time together is a great way to strengthen the bond that you already have.

For more questions, please feel free to contact us as our knowledgeable veterinary team is ready to assist you!