Most conscientious canine owners provide their dogs with nutritious manufactured pet foods that are designed for the size and stage of life of their furbaby. Nevertheless, most of us love to spoil our pets with a few tasty titbits from our own table, and on some occasions, will skip out on the manufactured foods altogether and feed our furbaby whatever we have had for dinner. Provided you ensure that the foods that you are providing are healthy and safe for your pet, this isn’t a problem from time to time.

Unfortunately, what your dog can and should eat are two entirely separate entities. Most canines are well known for their willingness to try and eat about anything that they come across, whether it is technically food or not! The problem with this is that your furbaby has no idea what is and isn’t suitable for him to eat. As his loving owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that he doesn’t eat anything that he shouldn’t. And, as you undoubtedly want your darling dog to enjoy a long, happy and active life with your family, you will also need to ensure that he gets the right nutrition, and this means making sure that his diet is predominantly healthy.

To help you to make an informed decision about what to feed your furbaby, here are some healthy human foods that your dog can eat.

Healthy veggies for dogs

Vegetables are an enjoyable, nutritious food for both humans and animals alike. Some of the safest vegetables for dogs to enjoy include:

– Broccoli. One or two florets will give your dog a boost of vitamins C and K.

– Carrots. These are a great source of vitamin A.

– Cucumbers. Great for extra hydration, especially in summer.

– Green beans. Low calories but packed with essential vitamins and fiber.

– Peas. Always choose fresh rather than canned to avoid additives.

– Pumpkin. Again, choose fresh rather than canned.

– Sweet potato. A firm favorite with virtually all dogs and full of fiber.

Healthy fruits for dogs

Fruit isn’t only a nutritious and tasty food for your dog to enjoy, it is also sweet enough to be considered a treat. For this reason, many owners use fruit rather than store-bought treats when training or spoiling their pets. Some of the fruits that your furbaby can enjoy include:

– Apples. Avoid feeding the seeds as these contain low levels of cyanide.

– Banana. High in potassium and can be frozen and given as a popsicle in summer months.

– Blueberries. Stuffed full of antioxidants, blueberries are considered a superfood. Pop some into a container and take them out with you when training your furry friend.

– Pears. Again, avoid feeding the seeds of this healthy and nutritious fruit.

– Strawberries. Another firm favorite with dogs, strawberries are full of vitamin C.

Other safe and healthy foods to share with your dog

Some other foods that you can share with your furry friend include:

– Cheese. Delicious and full of goodness, it is also high in fat so should only be fed sparingly.

– Cooked meat. Make sure there are no bones in this high-protein snack.

– Eggs. These provide a great deal of protein which is essential for his health.

– Oatmeal. Oatmeal has been shown to aid digestion.

– Peanut butter. Ok, it isn’t the healthiest food to share with your pet and should only be given sparingly due to its high-fat content, but most dogs absolutely love it and it is perfect for treat compartments in toys.

Foods you must avoid giving to your dog

Unfortunately, there are also a number of human foods that are highly toxic to dogs, and even a small amount could make your pet very sick. Foods and substances that you should never give your dog include:

– Alcohol

– Caffeine-based products, such as tea, coffee, and energy drinks

– Chives

– Chocolate

– Garlic or any product containing garlic

– Grapes

– Macadamia nuts

– Moldy food/food beyond its use-by date

– Onions

– Raisins

If you would like further advice on healthy foods that your dog can eat, please do not hesitate to contact our veterinary team who will be happy to help you.