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News and notes from the Best Pets team!

Toxic Household Items For Your Pets

While we can share many things with our pets, there are some items that are better to keep far away. This list contains four common household items that can be toxic to your pets! Drugs. Have a headache? Pop a Tylenol. But, if your pet accidentally gets...

Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Our pets are very much an extension of our human family and we tend to treat them as such – quite literally! From simple treats like extra biscuits to buying them personalized collars and bedding, there is an abundance of ways in which we like to spoil our...

How To Prevent Fires Caused By Pets

A house fire is one of many people’s biggest nightmares. Unfortunately, they are an all-too-common occurrence, destroying property, businesses, and lives, including those of our pets. Estimates suggest that around 40,000 pets in the U.S. die in fires every...

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