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Preventative Care
Many life-threatening diseases in animals can be prevented with regular examinations and vaccinations. At Best Pets, we believe that the Comprehensive Physical Exam is the foundation of your pets’ long term health. Your veterinarian is specifically trained with the expertise to detect problems before they become overwhelming. Puppies and kittens should be seen regularly between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. They require repeated vaccines, fecal testing, and physical exams to detect any developing problems.

After these initial visits, they should be seen once a year for a routine visit until they become seniors (approximately 8 years for dogs and 10 years for cats) at which time they should be seen every 6 months. Since dogs and cats age much faster than humans, their problems arise quicker as well. The sooner we diagnose a problem, the more options we have for treatment. Heartworm preventative (for all dogs) and flea and tick protection for both cats and dogs is crucial to prevent many serious diseases and/or infestations. We can help you recognize, monitor and intervene early before problems become catastrophic or too costly to correct.

Lab Work
For our pre-anesthetic screening tests and urgent sick visits, our on-site rapid tests can give us vital information to help make the best therapy decisions quickly. When more specialized testing is required we can submit samples to our local reference laboratory so that we can offer the advanced early detection tests that can detect abnormalities far in advance of any symptoms when treatment is most likely to be effective at advantageous cost.
Regular professional dental care is one of the most important care you can provide to maintain your pet’s health. Dental disease is the most common problem in cats and dogs and when neglected can lead to more serious health problems. We perform routine dental cleaning and polishing which can help avoid and prevent more complicated oral pathology. With sedation dentistry, we can adequately remove all the tartar above and below the gumline with our modern ultrasonic scaler, apply fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity and then polish the teeth to provide a smooth lustrous surface that is more resistant to plaque buildup in the future. If any extractions are necessary, we take pre-emptive pain relief seriously with local nerve blocks and numbing during surgery and providing analgesics for home use. Our philosophy is to provide access to dental care at all levels of our client’s budgets so that our patients can get the oral care they deserve to stay comfortable and healthy. Ask us to evaluate your pet’s dental health today!
Ultrasound is the best, noninvasive, non-painful way to evaluate fluid-filled and soft tissue organs in pets. These organs include the pet’s liver, spleen, kidney, pancreas, eyes, lymph nodes, testicles, intestinal tract, prostate, uterus/ovaries and heart. An ultrasound system uses sound waves to painlessly penetrate a pet’s organs and capture images.

Unlike x-rays, no radiation is used in an ultrasound exam. An x-ray reveals the size and shape of organs whereas an ultrasound can provide a complete internal view of the architecture of the organs. Ultrasound is often used in conjunction with x-rays to confirm a diagnosis.

For your convenience, we stock an extensive veterinary pharmacy including antibiotics, ear medications, thyroid medication, heartworm preventative and flea and tick control. If you prefer the option of 24 hour ordering online from our own online pharmacy, you can rest assured the all products sold carry complete manufacturers guarantee not offered on other online sites, and a veterinary compounding pharmacy to get specially flavored medications or transdermal (applied to the skin) for those hard-to-medicate animals.
Nutritional Counseling
One of the greatest advances in pet health has come in the way of nutritional research. Many common health problems which were previously difficult to manage and potentially life threatening is now treatable through specially formulated foods. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism and urinary tract stone formation can often be controlled through diet alone. These measures tend to be easier and more cost effective than most other options. Best Pets Vet offers these and other nutritional services to optimize your pets’ health and prevent disease in the future. Choosing the proper nutrition in each stage in your pets’ life is key to good health. We carry a variety of prescription foods from Hill’s, Purina, and Royal Canin. If we don’t have the diet you need in stock, you can either order it from our online pharmacy or we would be happy to place any special order for you!
Our recent investment in the top of the line Rayence Digital Radiology System, commonly referred to as X-rays has proven to be an extremely valuable diagnostic tool for a variety of medical conditions seen in pets. The Universal low dose machine is always ready to serve as a non-invasive way to diagnose varied conditions like arthritis, bone fractures, obstructions and bladder stones! The Cesium image plate is even safe enough to use on young or pregnant animals. We are pleased to offer expert radiology services and referrals when needed to electronically send the images directly to a boarded certified specialty center or radiologist as a means of providing excellent care through accurate diagnosis of our patients.
Our hospital has a fully equipped operating room with state of the art anesthesia. We provide routine surgical procedures including spays and neuters but can also perform more complex surgeries formerly only available at large referral facilities by our residency trained veterinary surgeon Dr. Lori Gordon. This can allow us to extend significant savings on some of the major surgeries that sometime sadly force owners to have to consider quantity over quality of life for their beloved pets.

We always tailor our protocols to address any existing conditions that might influence anesthesia and recovery. Everyone wants the best outcome after a procedure since not all problems can be detected from an exam so we highly recommend pre-operative blood work, and sometimes other screening tests especially for the older animals, to give us a more complete picture of internal health and allow us to adjust the event to specifically meet your pet’s needs. There is a veterinary technician at the side of each animal during their surgical procedure. Each animal’s vitals are closely monitored – which include ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and breathing rate. In addition to safety, pain management during and after surgery is crucial part of our planning.

​​​​​​​All surgical patients receive the best combination of management suited to the procedure to ensure that every animal is as comfortable as possible. For elective dental, spay and neuters this may include local nerve blocks, spinal infusions and peripheral numbing to minimize potential for side effects. Our staff takes pain management and surgery seriously and so should you, we will discuss any questions fully prior to your appointment to put you at ease with all procedures.

End of Life Care
Choosing the best end of life care for a pet is the most difficult task a loving family will ever face. Best Pets is wholly committed to incorporating the most progressive in hospice care available including offering house calls to ensure that you and your pet are provided with the comfort and dignity needed during this stressful time. With utmost compassion and respect for your needs, our experience will help you navigate how best to maintain your pets’ quality of life and if needed to determine when they are ready so we can help them go peacefully. Sometimes the final gift you can give your pet is to ease their transition from suffering or persistent pain. We make every effort to help them live as long as possible, but when the time comes when they can’t do the things they once enjoyed, we can ease this transition over the rainbow bridge. Please call us to discuss this so we can assist you in evaluating the most appropriate care for your beloved companion.
We recognize that pets are family too!
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